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Ready for take off!

Steredenn is an award-winning classic 2D side-scrolling shoot ’em up with flashy boss battles and wonderful pixel-art.
This hugely expanded version Steredenn: Binary Stars provides the ultimate package on disc.

  • Pierce through the stars either solo or with your friend in local co-op.
  • Dodge an insane amount of enemy bullets, face the worst scourges in space.
  • A whopping total of 5 ships, 42 weapons and 30 upgrades offers tons of customization options.

Enjoy near infinite replayability and forge your own path across the universe.

Limited to 1900 copies.

Releases on 29. July 2018.

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Strictly Limited Games. Let’s get physical!

Strictly Limited Games brings you great console games for PS4 and PS Vita in strictly limited physical editions. 

We love games just as much as you do and we truly believe that games, as an art form, should be taken seriously and properly valued – that’s why we really need to have them preserved safely in physical form for future generations.

Just pop the game into your console and enjoy – offline, any time, any place.

Strictly Limited Games publishes games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. 

We release only games that we love and want to play ourselves – including high quality collectibles such as art prints, soundtracks or other things that aptly suit the respective game. 

You will get these games on a disk/cartridge in a physical case, just like any other officially licensed game – but, as the name suggests, everything we offer will be strictly limited in terms of production numbers. 

We publish one title per month and we invite you to explore our website and to meet the lovely people behind these games there.

Everything will be sold exclusively through this website. Therefore make sure to check out our website regularly or simply sign up for our newsletter and you won’t miss a thing.