Frequently Asked Questions

Which age rating is shown on the cover?2021-02-25T13:19:51+01:00

There is no age rating printed on the cover.
But of course, all games published by Strictly Limited Games have been officially rated by the German Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body (USK).

Will the game be released in my language?2021-02-25T13:19:56+01:00

To make the game more accessible to everybody we decided to release all of our games in English for audio and subtitles. However, some selected games will also include additional audio versions.

How can I change the address on my order?2021-02-25T13:20:01+01:00

You can change the default address on your profile, so it applies to future orders. Unfortunately you can’t change the address of an already placed order. Please contact our support to edit the address for that matter.

I have a question about the order that I received, what should I do?2021-02-25T13:20:05+01:00

Please contact us at [email protected]  with your order number. You can tell the team what exactly the issue is and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I add a game to an order that hasn’t been shipped yet?2021-02-25T13:20:41+01:00

Unfortunately we can’t change your order once it has been placed. But you can place a new order including all items you would like and cancel the old order.

My tracking info doesn’t update.2021-02-25T13:20:35+01:00

If you have received your e-mail with tracking number, it can take a few days to be integrated into the shipping systems.

The e-mail with tracking number gets sent out as soon as we scan and fulfill the order in our shop system. But the parcels need to arrive at the next posting station and they need to scan them too.

Be aware that the tracking number will be provided from different delivery services like DHL, Deutsche Post or Asendia.

After your package has arrived in the post office of your country, it is trackable on your national postal service website (eg. USPS, Canada Post, La Poste, Royal Mail etc.).

Can I combine orders?2020-10-26T12:49:51+01:00

At the moment we cannot handle subsequent changes to your order but as long as your orders are not yet shipped, you can cancel your existing order(s) and place a new one including all items you would like to have shipped in one package.

Do you have a waiting list?2018-02-02T09:09:08+01:00

We don’t have a waiting list for sold out products, sorry.

Can I request to get my favourite number for individually numbered games?2020-10-26T12:45:53+01:00

No, sorry. We can’t take requests for the copy number you will receive.

Do you ship worldwide?2021-02-25T13:21:08+01:00

Yes, we ship worldwide.



Depending on the destination country, import restrictions and charges may apply – please contact your local customs office for more information regarding your country’s custom policies.

How much does shipping cost?2021-02-25T13:21:29+01:00

Customers within Germany:

  • 4,99 € for parcels up to 2000 g / 4.4 lb (for example 2 limprint versions + soundtrack CD + aluminium plate)

International Customers:

  • 6,49 € (roughly $7.60) for packages up to 500 g / 1.1 lb (for example 2 limprint versions + soundtrack CD)
  • 9,99 € (roughly $11.60) for packages up to 1000 g / 2.2 lb
  • 19,99 € (roughly $23.30) for packages up to 2000 g / 4.4 lb

Weights for reference (all figures here are approximate estimates, shipping costs will be individually calculated during checkout):

  • 1 limprint version including packaging: 200 g / 0.44 lb
  • 1 soundtrack including packaging: 220 g / 0.49 lb
  • 1 art print on aluminium: 200 g / 0.44 lb
  • 1 Collector’s Edition including packaging: depending on the version between 1000g – 2000g / 2,2lb – 4,41lb

Please note that all shipments may be subject to import charges. This does not apply to customers with an EU delivery address!

For more information regarding duties, customs and VAT, please check with your local customs office.

Can I combine orders?2021-02-25T13:21:40+01:00

At the moment we cannot handle subsequent changes to your order but as long as your orders are not yet shipped or being prepared for shipment, you can cancel your existing order(s) and place a new one including all items you would like to have shipped in one package.

Why is my online order cancelled?2021-02-25T13:21:56+01:00

There may be several reasons for this, including issues with: 

  • Payment – we were not able to verify your payment details or the payment did not get through.
  • Delivery address – the delivery address seems to be incorrect or incomplete.
  • Stock availability – on some rare occasions the item may have already run out of stock right before your order went through.

Please note: We reserve the right to cancel orders that exceed common household quantities.

Why do I have to be at least 18 years of age to receive the game? (GERMAN CUSTOMERS ONLY)2021-02-25T13:22:05+01:00

This only applies to German customers: Even though all games have been officially rated, the rating itself is not printed on the cover.

Under German law, these games must not be delivered to minors.

We ship our games in a package with age verification. This means the deliverer will check if the recipient is at least 18 years old. A person living in the same household with the same surname or a written authorization is also allowed to accept the package, so you don’t have to be at home. We can’t ship to your local Packstation, sorry.

The deliverer will only check your age on the ID if he is unsure whether you are over the age of 18 or not.

When will my order ship?2021-02-25T13:22:15+01:00

Due the global pandemic our suppliers experienced heavy delays and we had to postpone our planed shipping dates.

You can check all of our planned shipping dates for our upcoming releases here and for our partner store releases here.

My order has not arrived, what should I do?2021-02-25T13:22:23+01:00


Due the global difficulties in shipping the transit often takes longer than a few months ago. Sometimes the parcel takes some time to update in the tracking status but it is not necessarily lost there. All of the parcels arrive ultimately.

If your parcel doesn’t move for at least three weeks don’t hesitate to contact our support.

Will you restock items?2021-02-25T13:22:32+01:00

We will not be reprinting any of the items we sold. But there may be restock on cancelled orders.

Does the game work on my console?2017-11-08T15:02:07+01:00

The games for PS4 and PS Vita are not region locked, so they work fine on any console worldwide.

But this does not necessarily apply to DLC (downloadable content): If you live outside of Europe, you would have to create an European-Account on your PlayStation console and purchase European DLC in the European PSN Store.

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