Tiny Thor - Mjölnir Edition

Tiny Thor - Mjölnir Edition
Licensor: Gameforge 4D GmbH
Developer: Asylum Square
SLG Pre Order Start: 06.08.2023 
SLG Release Number: #92
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action, Jump-and-Run


Tiny Thor is a love letter to the challenging action platformers of the 16-bit console era, with contributions by two legends of their respective fields. Sporting magnificent pixel art by artist Henk Nieborg to feast your eyes upon and a soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck, together they help bring home the feeling of playing a classic game with today’s conveniences. 

One area where Tiny Thor doesn’t stray too much from its inspirations is the challenge it provides. The refined gameplay with its focus on using Mjölnir for attack as well as traversal helps to tackle the obstacles head on and rewards you with the ultimate satisfaction when succeeding.  

The version included here features additional gameplay refinements and fixes to make a great game even better. 

Included in this release is also the quasi predecessor of Tiny Thor, Hammer Kid, which goes in a similar direction style wise, also featuring beautiful pixel graphics, but being overall simpler in the gameplay department. Of course, it’s still fun to play through! 

List of Features 

Tiny Thor 

  • Master ricocheting hammer throws to overwhelm enemies 
  • Learn awesome special abilities 
  • Explore over 30 handcrafted levels across three distinct realms 
  • Challenging boss fights, each with unique mechanics 
  • Rattle your brain to solve tricky environmental puzzles 
  • Discover tons of secrets and collect hidden gems to unlock challenge levels 

Hammer Kid 

  • 16-Bit Pixel-Art Platformer 
  • Nostalgic Soundtrack 
  • Use your hammer to defeat enemies 
  • Explore 40 handcrafted levels divided into 4 huge worlds 
  • Discover secrets and collect gems 


Why Tiny Thor is joining the SLG catalog 

Tiny Thor, with its enchanting blend of nostalgic retro aesthetics and innovative gameplay, is set to become an exceptional addition to the esteemed catalog of Strictly Limited Games releases. As a beloved indie gem that captures the essence of classic platformers, Tiny Thor perfectly aligns with the company's commitment to curate and preserve exceptional gaming experiences. Its handcrafted pixel art, engaging platforming mechanics, and captivating Norse mythology-inspired narrative make it a standout title worthy of a place in the collection of limited physical releases. With the addition of Tiny Thor, Strictly Limited Games continues its dedication to offering gamers the opportunity to own and cherish remarkable games, ensuring that this charming adventure will be cherished for generations to come. 


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