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Syder Reloaded

Syder Reloaded
Developer: Studio Evil
SLG Pre Order Start: 12/28/2023 
SLG Release Number: #97
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 5
Genre: Shoot 'em Up

Syder Reloaded serves as the love letter to the 90s Amiga SHMUPs you've always yearned for. Skillfully remastering and expanding upon the beloved Syder Arcade - the classic shoot-em-up, this bullet-hell hybrid will hold a special place in your heart. With a myriad of challenging levels, a diverse fleet of distinct ships, and an overwhelming onslaught of alien invaders, the game beckons you to revisit your old-school roots and unleash a barrage of curses at your monitor in this skills-first shooter.

Gone are the days of items to upgrade, tedious grinding, and the need for coins to secure retries; your progress is now exclusively measured by your individual skill. If you're in search of a gaming experience that delivers an unadulterated shot of nostalgia coupled with the challenging spirit of the 90s  look no further: Syder Reloaded has got you covered!

Why Syder Reloaded is joining the SLG catalog 

Given our reputation for bringing amazing shoot 'em up games to physical game collectors worldwide, our next release, Syder Reloaded, has truly caught our attention as an outstanding SHMUP originating directly from Europe – a rare sight these days.

The moment-to-moment gameplay, with its challenging levels and bullet-style hybrid, is a treat for every collector interested in shoot 'em ups. Developed by our friends at Studio Evil, Syder Reloaded revives and evolves the Syder series expanding on the already amazing Syder Arcade.

So what’s new you might ask?

  • ‘Tis But a Scratch: Introducing grazing! Fly in the face of danger and keep your score multiplier alive by flying close to bullets.
  • Pick Your Poison: Shoot power-ups to cycle through your options. Forget otherwise perfect runs being ruined with random weapon drops. Now you make the call.
  • Make Mine a Multi: Bullet canceling partially refills the multiplier reset counter. When your special weapon is charged, earn an extra score based on your multiplier.
  • A Fresh Coat of Paint: All new graphics and improved level design, boss battles, and enemy behaviors.
  • Expanded Roster: Get ready for battle with 4 new playable ships.
  • Settle The Score: The scoring system has been redesigned from scratch, rewarding the most skilled players.



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