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HOORAY! SLG’s 5th Anniversary – Free Release Book for You

HOORAY! SLG’s 5th Anniversary – Free Release Book for You

Strictly Limited Games is celebrating its 5th Anniversary. That’s FIVE(!) years full of Strictly Limited Games!

We are forever grateful for your support: Without YOU our fans and customers we would not be where we are today. Cheers to all you gamers, collectors, retro lovers, nerds – to all you beautiful people!


Receive Your Free Strictly Limited Games Release Book!

Celebrating our anniversary, we do have a very special gift for you: An exclusive Strictly Limited Games Release Book with an overview of all of our 80 (EIGHTY!) releases over the last five years: 160+ pages with beautiful cover art and some information on our releases, from the very first until today. Every customer placing an order between today (11/11) and 12th of December (12/12) will receive a free Strictly Limited Release Book that will be send out immediately after our anniversary month, right before Christmas. 

Timing is key - we absolutely understand that. Even though it’s been half a decade since we started, there’s still so much more that we want to achieve and we are working hard on it. We are very happy to be able to regularly provide you with special game treasures – every single title means a lot to us and we deeply appreciate all that positive feedback on our choice of games and the quality of the Collector’s Editions. It really brings a smile to the faces of all of us here at SLG to see that the love we put into the curation and creation of every product is being cherished by you guys. We are very grateful for having such a fantastic community and we highly appreciate your input and feedback: Strictly Limited Games are dedicated to a community of game lovers and enthusiasts, for reviving good memories and preserving all these wonderful titles for the future... and occasionally doing uncommon things in order to make dreams come true...

At the same time, we are very well aware that there are things that can always be improved. Together with Strictly Limited Games’ co-founders Dennis Mendel and Benedict Braitsch we’d like to take today’s anniversary as a chance to reflect our key values – and what we’d like to do to become even better.



Talking about the heart of our business, our limited games, Benedict gets surely nostalgic by today’s achievements: „Actually, it seems like yesterday when Dennis and I spent hours in the kitchen of the company building, picking and packing packages until late in the night for all these wonderful people all around the world. Throughout the years we started to focus on the games our fans and we love the most: Japanese games, retro games, pixel art, shoot 'em ups and arcade experiences – including some legendary ‚lost' games we managed to make available to the community. We have the honor to work with incredible partners and outstanding IPs, such as Taito’s Bubble Bobble series and SEGA’s long-runner Wonder Boy, and same time the chance of spotting truly innovative indie projects (like the one in the upcoming pre order start...). It has been a great feeling from day one and is still overwhelming. Can’t wait for 2023: There’s a lot of high quality, sought-after games coming... You will definitely love what we have up our sleeves and we are confident that you’ll get as excited about them as we already do! “

Speak quite frankly!

As for many others, one of our challenges has been steady communication; that’s why one of our main goals got to become even more transparent. You know that we love the games in our catalogue – and we want to make sure that we can dedicate the same attention to detail that goes into the creation of every product will also go into the communication with you, our customers.

Dennis reflection on communication really show how important the topic is for Strictly Limited Games: „Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Clockwork Aquario can tell, now even holding the Guinness World Record for the longest time between a video game project start and final release. We’re well aware not just 30 but already two years can become really long: Working on Turrican we not just developed a lot of great completely new features, such as the truly outstanding map feature, but also learned a lot about communication, and how to do it better. Using our fifth anniversary as a chance we want to apologize for Turrican as an example of communication that needs to be improved, with a lack of sharing progress and having you wait in the dark. We really love that Turrican is finally released, it became a truly unique anthology and we’re more than thankful for all the great feedback received on the Limited and Collector’s Edition (and can’t wait for the LP shipping early December and the Ultra Collector’s Edition including the figurine a little later next year).

In the early days of Strictly Limited Games, I deeply enjoyed the direct conversations with our customers via email and social media; some of these awesome people I was fortunate to talk to have even become a part of the SLG-family... still, these opportunities have become less and less due to the hours that we have to put into new projects – there are still a lot of incredible game treasures out there waiting for a physical release. I still hope I will manage to free some time for direct exchange with you guys again: This is why Ben and I started and all of us are working at Strictly Limited Games, because we share the same love for games.   

Speaking of improving communication and close contact, we do understand we need to become way more transparent. That said, we’d also like to take the chance to promise: Developing Strictly Limited Games and editions in the best way possible is key to us – and You are a part of it. Going forward, we will work as hard to keep our community on board all the way, sharing status updates and information on our new releases at every stage. “ 

It is the time invested in a game that makes it so special

It’s a little ironic – whilst Turrican took longer than we were expecting or anyone was hoping for, we at the same time made huge progress with regards to timings, as Benedict is happily summarizing: „The process of releasing a new game improved significantly over time. We’re very happy the achievements and great progress made are getting noticed and received excitingly well: Within the last year, everyone at Strictly Limited Games worked really hard to reduce the waiting time between the Pre Order Start and the Release of a new game significantly. Our goal remains to even further improve the process and reduce your waiting time. “

In the following overview you will find a list of games Strictly Limited announced in the last 12 month, including Pre Order Start and (target) Release Date:

Let’s get physical!

With regards to further improvements Dennis adds some nice news on the shop: “Experiencing a new release and its exclusive Strictly Limited Games editions obviously requires a go-to place, one shop to get them all. Over time and with a growing community ours came to a point at which we felt the need to do some updates we hope you like. “
The improvements done with the latest update just in time for the 5th Anniversary of Strictly Limited Games are: 

 - Mobile friendly design: Our new responsive store layout significantly improves the browsing and shopping experience while checking out new limited games.

- Optimized search & filters: We added some extra functionality to search way easier for products, filter them (i.e., by ‘in stock’ and ‘pre order’) and again have all these features mobile, too.

- Improved navigation: We amended the journey through our shop to make it smoother by eliminating the need to jump between several pages, therefore creating these dedicated areas sorted by interest or product fans are looking for.

- Product Wishlist: We added the function to add products to the wishlist for remembering and revisiting them more easily.

- Shipping costs shown in the basket: With your territory selected the shipping costs will directly be displayed in the basket to make sure you keep the complete overview from the very beginning of your Collector’s and Limited Games shopping experience.

Five Years of Strictly Limited Games  

Take the chance and check out the updated shop on StrictlyLimitedGames.com. The pre-order line-up for these weeks is certainly worth a visit and a true celebration fit for the 5th Year Anniversary of Strictly Limited Games! 

The games enbody a good range of we've strived to realize on physical media throughout these five years: Bust-A-Move / Puzzle Bobble and its modern iteration of Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! is true retro awesomeness. There are two more pre order starts to come in our anniversary month! One instant classic shoot 'em up masterpiece - and a shooter duo with both unique for way fighting and scrolling mechanics and being a modern homage to the arcade roots of the genre.

Lastly, another HUGE highlight is yet to be unveiled – stay tuned for our newsletter on Thursday, November 17th, announcing the upcoming pre order start and a unique 5th anniversary highlight!

We’re looking forward seeing you to celebrate the best SLG Anniversary ever with us!

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