Irem Collection Volume 3

Irem Collection Volume 3
Licensor: Irem, Tozai Games SD
Publisher: Strictly Limited Games
SLG Pre Order Start: 12.10.2023 
SLG Release Number: #94
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5
Genre: Run and Gun, Shoot ‘em Up
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All good things come in threes - so here we are with irem Collection Vol. 3! 
 We are very happy to officially announce the Strictly Limited Games editions of the Irem Collection Volume 3! 

Included in the third volume of the IREM Collection will be: 

Mr. Heli (Arcade, PC Engine)

Take control of the wacky fighter chopper named Mr. Heli! He's not only adorable but also packs quite a punch! Fans might be more familiar with its Western name: Battle Chopper. 

Dragon Breed (Arcade)

Released back in 1989, Dragon Breed is yet another amazing shoot 'em up that puts a unique spin on the genre. You ride into action with your invincible and trustworthy dragon, Bahamoot. Players can independently control Bahamoot's tail to block any incoming projectiles. 

Mystic Riders (Arcade)

Made by the team who previously worked on Hammerin' Harry, Mystic Riders is a departure from the more mechanical/Giger-like shoot 'em ups by IREM. Take control of the two broom-riding wizards, Mark & Zeal, and cast your way through a fantasy-filled world. 

Why Irem Collection Volume 3 Is joining SLG 
Irem Collection Volume 3 focuses on some of the more obscure titles released by Irem! 
 Mr. Heli is known to be a fan favorite among most shoot 'em up fans. Just look at that cute helicopter! Who can say no to it? Dragon Breed, with its unique invincible dragon Bahamoot, and Mystic Riders, Irem's first entry into a more fantasy-like shoot 'em up world, on the other hand, are more obscure shoot 'em ups and were also never officially released to Western audiences. This makes them a perfect fit to let players around the world experience them for the first time. Giving these titles the spotlight they deserve is very important to us and demonstrates how dedicated we are to the entire irem portfolio. 
We are immensely proud to be working with Irem to bring these amazing titles into the hands of avid collectors around the world. 


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