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Cannon Dancer

Cannon Dancer
Developer: Mitchell Corp.
Licensor: Mitchell Corp.
Publisher: Strictly Limited Games
SLG Pre Order Start: 18.09.2022
SLG Release Number: #75
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, PlayStation 5 
Genre: Action Jump & Run

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The Unicorn of the Arcade is finally ported FOR THE FIRST TIME ON A CONSOLE!!!!!

The One, the Myth, the Cannon Dancer! Some of the older generations may remember the feeling of playing a game in the arcades one summer, just to see it disappear forever. At SLG, we are on a quest to bring these unicorns back to life and onto console!

The legendary Action Jump & Run - The Cannon Dancer alias Osman aka. Kirin - will be brought to you by SLG for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Placed in a Persian-Arabian setting, you take on the role of Kirin, an acrobatic highly skilled martial arts fighter. With his abilities you must fight through countless enemies as well as find and beat Abdullah the Slaver. The sorceress causes panic and terror and makes the people believe that she’s the only hope for mankind to survive.

Whether you are a dedicated retro fan who wants to feel the nostalgia from 1996 arcades once more or new to this myth, wanting to relive gaming history, this game will provide you with everything a gamer like you - and us - needs.

List of Features:

  • For the first time on console!!!
  • A total of six stages in different epic locations
  • Authentic Retro Game Mechanics and Sounds
  • Save and Load Feature
  • Rewind Feature

Why Cannon Dancer (Osman) is joining the SLG line-up:

The Legend, the Myth it is Cannon Dancer!    At Strictly Limited we are eager to look for hidden gems and we do not hide, that we love action games, especially those, who formed an entire genre. In the legacy of legendary titles like Strider, we were able to get the one and only Cannon Dancer, known as Osman in the West, to become a part of our portfolio.  

It is one of the few action games which formed this genre and became a legend in arcade history by feeling ‘in your face’ while playing:   The Cannon Dancer goes from one to hundred when pushing the start button. The bright colours , the setting, the loud music, the personal history behind the game and the action from the beginning all add to the games special flair.

The small quantity of this version made this beloved game an absolute legend in arcade history. It only released in arcades in Japan and the US and even in these countries the number of available arcades was so low, that almost no one got their hands on the game.  Even now, you will still find people who are searching for one of these rare retro arcade machines, you will find fans who are still doing Fanart of the TEKI (Kirin and the Sub bosses) and you will find gamers who will pay thousands of Dollars to buy a circuit board for their Arcade at home. Released in 1996, Cannon Dancer is an Arcade classic, and this is the reason, why Cannon Dancer belongs to the SLG family. 



Presenting the iconic Cannon Dancer (also known as Osman) at the famous Tokyo Game Show 2022 in Japan, the feedback on the game was truely overwhelming.

Fans from all over the world are excited to finally be able to play masterpiece again, now on their home consoles. Exchanging gaming and highscore memories, it was really interesting to hear what they remembered and what love to see restored a little differently.

Eye-opening was a discussion with the legends Yotsui-san and Kogure-san. They felt a rapid fire function would really complement the game and take it to the next level, being „even more fun to play!“.

No sooner said than done! If godfather of iconic games such as Strider is thinking about such features we’re more than happy to support and make sure they’re getting developed! We’re truely honoured and very proud to have added some great enhancements and awesome features to make your Cannon Dancer game experience even more fun.

The game can be played with in-game language version ENG or JAP (Osman / Cannon Dancer). Both versions are playable in standard & challenge mode.

Standard mode: Unlimited enhancements, cheats available, trophies are DISABLED
Challenge mode: Choose UP TO 2 enhancements, cheats disabled, trophies are ENABLED

General features of CND (both modes):

  • Save States
  • Rewind Feature
  • Controller Vibration
  • Customizable Controls
  • Graphic Filters & Shaders


  • Double Jump
  • Invincible Jump
  • Invincible Slide
  • Invincible Attack
  • Auto Attack [Speed 1 – 5]
  • Extra Credits


  • Invincibility
  • Time Freeze
  • Unlimited Fatal Attacks
  • Unlimited HP
  • Full Power



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