Majyūō: King of Demons

Majyūō: King of Demons
Developer & Licensor Nihon Soft System
Publisher retro-bit
Pre-Order Start Date 02/06/2024
Platforms SNES (PAL & NTSC)
Genres Action Platformer

The fanatic Bayer seeks to resurrect the Demon King by kidnapping Abel’s wife, Maria, and daughter, Iria. With their sacrifices, a revived Demon King would run rampant throughout the world. To rescue his family, Abel must venture into the world of demons alone with almost no possibility of success. Upon entering, he is beset by strange creatures and eventually begins to change... he has transformed into a demon! 

  • First official release outside of Japan 
  • The Japanese version of Majyūō: King of Demons translated into English  
  • Demonic Heart 16-bit cartridge for SNES® consoles (NTSC or PAL) 
  • Full-colored instruction manual
  • Numbered hardcover magnetic cartridge packaging 
  • Exclusive embellished celebratory slipcover

Release FAQ

Q) Where and when can I order this?
A) This will be an open pre-order available through online retailers in North America and Europe from February 6, 2024 through March 12, 2024. Independent retailers will have limited quantities after it has been released.

Q) What is included this release?
A) For this release, it will include an embellished slipcover, a numbered hardcover magnetic cartridge box, a full-colored instruction manual, and a Demonic Heart 16-bit cartridge for SNES® consoles.

Q) How many will be made?
A) The total number will depend on the amount pre-ordered during the ordering window. Each one will be individually numbered during production via a label on the inside sleeve of the packaging.

Q) Will there be another reprint?
A) We do not plan on reprinting this version again. We intend to keep this version unique so as not to confuse it with other versions.

Q) How do I know if I am ordering the NTSC or PAL version?
A) All North American retailers will take pre-orders for the NTSC North American version while all European retailers will take pre-orders for the European PAL version. Note, that the difference between them is the cartridge shape - none of the contents will change. PAL consoles run at a displayed 50Hz while NTSC runs at 60Hz.

Q) Is this a translation patch or did you copy someone else’s English translation?
A) No, we have a talented programmer who is credited for his work on this translation. We did not utilize any existing script or work. This has been reviewed by our team as well as Softgarage.

Technical FAQ

Q) Is this game region-free?
A) Each region will have its own version. North American retailers will sell the NTSC-U SNES version and European retailers will carry the PAL SNES version. This is due to the shape of the cartridge shells being different between both regions.

Q) Will this cart damage my console?
A) Not at all! Our circuit boards come with the correct 5v chips and beveled, gold contacts to ensure no cartridge slot is damaged.

Q) What consoles are able to run this?
A) This cartridge is compatible with original SNES® consoles and most 3rd party consoles. This includes our Retro-Bit consoles, Super Nt, and other 3rd party consoles. Some 3rd party consoles that utilize a region-selection switch may need to run the game in NTSC 60Hz first and then make adjustments as needed. For the PAL version, it is compatible with PAL SNES consoles as well as the listed 3rd party consoles.

Q) I have a Japanese Super Famicom. Which version should I order?
A) Due to the cartridge shape being the same as the SNES in Europe, you should pre-order from one of our European retailers to receive the PAL version. The only difference between both regions for our release is the cartridge shell, the board will detect which console it is on and run at either 60Hz or 50Hz as needed.

Q) Were there any other changes made to the game?
A) This is the original Japanese game that has been fully translated into English. In certain dialogs, a curse word might appear - this has been retained.


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