Game of the Month: Zero Tolerance Collection

Game of the Month: Zero Tolerance Collection

At Strictly Limited, we take pride in curating a diverse collection of both classic and modern titles cherished by collectors worldwide. However, we understand that some exceptional games often fly under the radar or are tricky to access for some collectors. That's precisely why we've introduced our Game of the Month feature, aiming to shed light on these lesser-known treasures that truly deserve your time and attention. All featured games have been introduced, produced, and shipped some time ago; as of today, there are still units in stock from their initial release, spanning six months or more. As an added treat, each Game of the Month enjoys a special reduced price! Our spotlighted titles are introduced by our passionate team members who share a unique connection with the games.

This month's highlighted game is Zero Tolerance Collection! From today until April 15, Limited Editions will be available for 20€ ($20), Collector’s Editions for 35€ ($35), and Retro Cartridges for 40€ ($40)! Zero Tolerance was one of the earliest first-person titles ever released on Sega Mega Drive and Genesis and is set in a futuristic world where the universe is swarmed by all possible kinds of evil aliens. As a highly skilled member of the Zero Tolerance team, you get called to repel the aliens’ invasion and protect mankind from the enemy.

Let's delve into Zero Tolerance with insights from our Pixel Twister, David D. (there are 3 Davids in our team for those wondering about the initial):

Q: What are some of your earliest gaming memories?

David: I was big into multiplayer games since me and my brother used to game a lot together, especially on the Mega Drive. I remember seeing an ad for Zero Tolerance, and it's interesting because the thing that struck me the most was the System Link Cable. It was a fascinating accessory since you not only needed two controllers but two consoles as well!

Q: Can you tell us more about the cable and its purpose?

David: The Zero Tolerance System Link Cable was designed to connect two Sega Mega Drive/Genesis systems, creating a pseudo-serial link specifically for cooperative play. The catch, however, was that Zero Tolerance was the only game that supported this accessory, making it a rare and somewhat elusive piece of gaming history.

Q: Did you and your brother play Zero Tolerance together?

David: Not back then, which is a shame, but we did get to play it with the SLG release. My brother and I had a blast working together to fend off waves of alien invaders. The explosions from landmines and rocket launchers added an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Q: What would you say to someone who's considering playing Zero Tolerance for the first time?

David: I would say, go for it! Just as I overlooked Zero Tolerance, many others also did in its time, but it's a true hidden gem of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis era. If you ever come across this game, grab it, play it, and love it – you won't be disappointed!

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