Game of the Month: Rolling Gunner

Game of the Month: Rolling Gunner

At Strictly Limited, we take pride in curating a diverse collection of both classic and modern titles cherished by collectors worldwide. However, we understand that some exceptional games often fly under the radar or are tricky to access for some collectors. That's precisely why we've introduced our Game of the Month feature, aiming to shed light on these lesser-known treasures that truly deserve your time and attention. All featured games have been introduced, produced, and shipped some time ago; as of today, there are still units in stock from their initial release, spanning six months or more. As an added treat, each Game of the Month enjoys a special reduced price! Our spotlighted titles are introduced by our passionate team members who share a unique connection with the games.

This month's highlighted game is Rolling Gunner! From today until March 15, the game will be available for $9.99 off Limited Editions and $19.99 off Collector’s Editions! Originally planned by Physicality Games, Strictly Limited took over the project when the former company closed its doors. Rolling Gunner, a neo-retro shooter, holds a special place in our hearts, and we couldn't let it miss out on a physical release.

Let's delve into Rolling Gunner with insights from our Brand Wizard, Nick:

Q: What got you into Rolling Gunner in the first place?

Nick: Funny enough, SHMUPs aren't my usual go-to. But I'm all about games that keep you coming back for more. Take Fire Emblem – I love diving into tougher challenges after beating the game and trying for different rewards each time. The same goes for Devil May Cry – chasing stylish rankings and unlocking new weapons and costumes is my jam. Someone at Strictly threw Rolling Gunner my way, and I thought, "Let me give this a try!"

Q: How does Rolling Gunner connect with the other games you mentioned?

Nick: Even though they're different beasts, it's all about racking up scores and cranking up the difficulty for me. I started easy with Casual Mode (like Fire Emblem), then kicked it up a notch and began to master the gameplay – just like trying for S-ranks in Devil May Cry.

Q: Now that you've had a taste of Rolling Gunner, are you diving into more SHMUPs?

Nick: Totally! The genre's got its hooks in me, and there's a whole bunch of classic shooters I've got my eye on, Irem’s Flight Image is one that definitely comes to mind! It's like taking a trip through gaming history!

Q: Why should others give Rolling Gunner a shot?

Nick: Some of my colleagues who are hardcore SHMUP enthusiasts recommended the game, and there I was, a complete newbie to the genre. Rolling Gunner came to my rescue, though. I appreciate an inclusive design, where games can engage players at various skill levels without causing frustration. With its range of difficulty levels, Rolling Gunner caters to everyone, making it an enjoyable experience for all. It's a fantastic nod to the classics and, from my firsthand experience, an ideal introduction to the genre. And let's not forget about the bosses – sure, every game claims to have challenging boss fights these days, but trust me, the ones in Rolling Gunner are truly EPIC! 🚀🎮


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