Taito Milestones 2

Taito Milestones 2
Developer & Licensor Taito
Publisher ININ
Pre-Order Date 29.06.2023
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Genres Arcade, Shoot 'em Up, Fighting, Platformer

Taito Milestones 2 is a new collection with more of Taito’s arcade classics. A lively mixture of genres from shoot ‘em ups and platformers to fighting games awaits arcade aficionados everywhere. 

This selection of 10 significant games contains the roots of some of Taito’s most prolific franchises like the shrine maiden action title Kiki Kaikai (of Pocky & Rocky fame), as well as more exotic and positively offbeat titles like the prehistoric fighting game Dinorex. Of course, it also includes games like The NewZealand Story and Liquid Kids, whose colorful art style is emblematic of typical Taito platformer action. 

Finally, fans of shoot ‘em ups can rejoice as they’ll be able to get their hands on Gun Frontier, Metal Black and Darius II, 3 action-packed vertical- and side-scrollers. 

Taito Milestones 2 combines a selection from Taito’s library of gaming gems into a package sure to entertain everyone! 


Taito Milestones 2 includes: 

  • Ben Bero Beh, 1984, Platform. Armed with a fire extinguisher make your way through a burning building, one perilous floor after another to save your girlfriend Nao-chan! 
  • The Legend of Kage, 1985, Hack-and-slash. Utilize your shuriken and trusty kodachi sword to rescue Princess Kiri as the swift ninja Kage. Bravely face the forces of the nefarious warlord Yukigusa Yoshiro! 
  • Kiki Kaikai, 1986, Shoot ‘em up. Mischievous yōkai have captured the seven gods of fortune. Courageous shrine maiden Sayo-chan, free them! 
  • The NewZealand Story, 1988, Platform. Traverse the colorful maze-like levels as Tiki while dodging enemies left, right, up and down to hopefully free his Kiwi friends! 
  • Darius II, 1989, Shoot ‘em up. Hundreds of years after the events of Darius humanity once again clashes with the Belsar empire. Zip through the solar system and fight! 
  • Liquid Kids, 1990, Platform. Control Hipopo, the young hero of the hippo tribe, in a water bomb-flinging adventure to restore peace to Woody-Lake and rescue his girlfriend! 
  • Solitary Fighter, 1991, Fighting. Pick your fighter from a lineup of gritty combatants and challenge round after round of contenders on your way to the top! 
  • Metal Black, 1991, Shoot ‘em up. Conquer the alien race from Nemesis. Collect their Newalone molecules to use against them and overcome their onslaught! 
  • Dinorex, 1992, Fighting. Lead your prehistoric beast to victory in gargantuan arena-destroying combat and claim the throne as Dino Rex! 
  • Gun Frontier, 1990, Shoot ‘em up. Strap yourself into the seat of your revolver-shaped fighter plane and blast the alien space pirates out of the sky. Liberate the people of the space colony Gloria! 


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