Eliminate Down

Eliminate Down
Developer & Licensor Softvision
Publisher retro-bit
Pre-Order Start Date 11/28/2023
Platforms SMD/SG
Genres Shoot 'em Up 


A strange lifeform born from the distortions of outer space begins to consume and take over entire worlds as it continues to expand.  It seeks a new target, one that is teeming with life… Earth. The united forces of Earth were unable to stop it and confrontations would result in heavy defeats against these life forms that have evolved into destructive creatures. All of humanity’s hopes are entrusted to a newly developed space fighter that has been named the “Steel Pylon”.  You must fly into the unknown carrying humanity’s final hope for a future! 

  • First time officially released outside of Japan & South Korea 
  • Emerald Nebula Cartridge for SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive 
  • Full-colored instruction manual 
  • Individually numbered lenticular cartridge slipcover 
  • Reversible inlay box art featuring original and new covers 

Release FAQ

Q) Where and when can I order this?
A) This will be an open pre-order available through online retailers in North America and Europe from 11/28/2023 through 1/2/2024. Independent retailers that pre-ordered will also carry limited quantities after it has been released. There are no regional differences in terms of what is included.

Q) What is included in this release?
A) Eliminate Down will come with an individually numbered lenticular slipcover, reversible inlay sleeve featuring original and new covers, a full-colored instruction manual, and an Emerald Nebula cartridge for SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive (PAL).

Q) How many will be made?
A) The number on the certificate sample image is just a placeholder. The total number will depend on the amount pre-ordered during the ordering window.

Q) Will there be another reprint?
A) Like all of the titles we offer, this will be an open pre-order window for a limited time. There are no plans to reissue this collection in the future.

Q) Will this be available for download or on other consoles?
A) This is a physical re-release of the SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive cartridge. We currently do not have plans to release it in any other form at this time.

Q) Why is the original release so expensive?
A) Eliminate Down was Aprinet’s only release. As a small developer teamed up with Soft Vision, its production was low and estimates put it at around several thousand in Japan and probably less so in South Korea. With growing interest in obscure Japan-only games, Eliminate Down’s value went up thanks to exposure to its gameplay and scarcity. The prices inflated astronomically as interest grew over time. Our interest is in making rare games such as this one available to more people to experience and add a neat treasure to their own collections.

Technical FAQ

Q) What consoles can play this cartridge?
A) This game is compatible with North American SEGA Genesis® consoles, PAL Mega Drive consoles, and most 3rd party consoles that are able to run Genesis/Mega Drive cartridges. Due to the shape of the cartridge, it will not fit into a JP Mega Drive console.

Q) What voltage is used on the chip?
A) It uses a 5-volt chip to retain your console’s performance and will not damage your console.

Q) Are the insert points beveled?
A) Yes, the insert points are beveled and the edges are rounded to allow for proper insertion without damaging the pins in the cartridge slot.


Gameplay FAQ

Q) What are the differences between the original releases and these?
A) All licensing has been updated for Eliminate Down. Additionally, there is a secret code we added for those who feel the game is a bit too difficult. You’ll want to refer to the manual.

Q) Is this game region-free?
A) Like our prior releases, this game is region-free so long as it is compatible with the console.

Q) Does this run at 50hz on PAL consoles?
A) The game is multi-regional and can run at 60Hz (NTSC for North America) or 50Hz (PAL Europe and Australia).

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