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Spring Selects

Spring Selects

You know how it is with Limited Editions – there are so many that some just slip through the cracks. And let's be real, we've all had our eye on Collector's Editions that were a bit out of our price range. Plus, there are those Special Limited Editions with all the cool extras that we've missed out on. So, we decided to do something about it. We've put together a promo to give collectors a chance to snag these titles at a better price. Here's what we've cooked up:

  • 3 Limited Editions for 66€* - Check out some interesting titles that may have slipped by like Speed Limit, Super Life of Pixel, or Super Epic!

  • 2 Special Limited Editions for 66€* - Grab some cool items like the graphic novel for Rising Hell or the custom-made bottle opener in Aaero!

  • 2 Collector's Editions** for 99€* - Snag some of the pricier editions like Slaps and Beans 2 or Cotton REBOOT! at a reduced price!

Click the links for each of the editions to see the full list of titles!


* Offer valid until 9th of April 2024, 12h (UTC). Please note that prices are listed in Euros, and the price in foreign currency may vary due to daily fluctuations in the currency exchange rate.

** Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection CE is limited to 1 unit per order


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