Publisher: Retro-Bit

Developer: Toaplan

Physical Edition Pre Order Date open till: 06.10.2020

Platforms: Sega Mega Drive


Toaplan Shmup Collector’s Editions!

Fire Shark, Hellfire, Truxton & Zero Wing:

Dedicated to any retro gaming collector is Retro-Bit® Publishing’s Toaplan Collector’s Edition!

This reintroduction to the classic shoot ‘em up games that pioneered the start of the genre on the SEGA® Mega Drive features a never-released in North America Zero Wing and over 30 different endings, Fire Shark with Masahiro Yuge’s thoughts on his favorite bonus scenes, Hellfire and his take on challenges faced in this side-scrolling game, and Truxton with Masahiro Yuge’s insight on the making of the music behind the game.

With so many exclusive extras and the opportunity to get your hands on these rare Toaplan shups for the SEGA® Mega Drive, you’ll add 4 new games to your retro library!

Every Collector’s Edition contains:

  • Translucent Plasma Cartridges
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Reversible cartridge cover
  • Collector’s Embossed Slipcover
  • Special interview with developer Masahiro Yuge
  • Commemorative Art card
  • Individually Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  •  Vintage 80’s Puffy Sticker Set

Complete Bundle features as well:

  • A commemorative slip cover to display your collection
  • Thank You Card from Mashiro Yuge
  • Truxton Collectible Enamel Pin

Screenshots & Trailer