Publisher: Tozai Games

Developer: Tozai Games

Published Physically: 24/02/2019

SLG Release Number: #17

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS4


R-Type Dimensions EX brings you the Arcade Legends R-Type and R-Type II back in new HD 3D graphics! Fight in 14 remade levels the evil Bydo Empire! Play in shiny 3D Graphics or swap on the fly to the Retro 2D Graphics. The fast paced action is accompanied by fully re-imagined arrangements of the timeless R-Type music tracks! Show your power in the Classic mode and strike down the Evil Bydo Empire or fight in the new Infinite game mode which allows you continuous progression from the game’s start up until the final boss. Save the universe alone or with friends in the co-op mode. This time you will crush the Bydo Empire!


  • Includes all 8 original R-Type levels + all 6 original R-Type II levels
  • New 3D Graphics + Fully rearranged  Soundtrack!  Switch between the HD Version and the Retro Version with the press of a button during play!
  • New Infinite Mode: Save your progress and select stages to practice!
  • Classic Mode: Play the classic R-Type & R-Type II just like the original version!
  • Co-Op Mode: Blast the Bydos with a buddy or turn on friendly fire for a competitive experience

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