• Taito Milestones 2 
  • DariusBurst CS Core 
  • Jitsu Squad 


  • Ray'z Arcade Chronology 
  • Puzzle Bobble EveryBubble! 
  • Jet Kave Adventure 



In Fall 2023, we started the process of updating the production status information on the product detail pages, providing more comprehensive insights into the progress and timing for each item.

Upon completion, we will delete the 'Manufacture Update' page to avoid redundancy.

If you want an update on a product you've ordered, please refer to our store page. Right below the product, you'll see the targeted release date along with details on the current production status for that specific product.

Should you find the update unclear or notice any missing or outdated information, kindly reach out to us via email or message us on one of our Social Media accounts. This will ensure that we promptly update all relevant information.

Thank you.






While we are working on making the production chain and leadtimes shorter to ship you your future games faster, we want to also provide you with more updates regarding your order. This page is meant to provide you with information regarding the current state of production, so you can always come here to check if there is an update and when to expect your game(s).

Thank you for all your patience and support! ❤

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