Akai Ito & Aoi Shiro HD Remaster

Akai Ito & Aoi Shiro HD Remaster
Developer: SUCCESS Coporation
Licensor: SUCCESS Corporation
Publisher: Strictly Limited Games
SLG Pre Order Start: 18.06.2023
SLG Release Number: #88
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Visual Novel, Mystery


Akai Ito & Aoi Shiro HD Remaster includes two outstanding Visual Novels from SUCCESS Corporation - finally the first time available outside of Japan, with English subtitles.

Whilst a Special Edition has been published in Japan, very focused on the local market (with Japanese voice acting and the OST on a total of 10 CDs, for a price at ¥17,380), the exclusive Strictly Limited Edition is the only physical version of just the games; the Special Limited Edition adds the best experience of the outstanding Original Soundtrack for an international audience.  


About Akai Ito 

"Akai Ito" is a captivating visual novel originally released on PlayStation 2 in Japan, that takes players on an emotional journey of love, mystery, and self-discovery originally. Set in modern-day Japan, the story follows the protagonist, Kei, as she navigates the complexities of her past and uncovers the truth about her identity. 
After the untimely passing of her mother, Kei inherits an old Japanese mansion in the secluded town of Hemizuka. Intrigued by the mysteries surrounding her family and the legend of the mountain god, Kei embarks on a quest to uncover the secrets hidden within her ancestral home. Along the way, Kei encounters Yumei, a girl with a connection to the mystical world, and together they delve deeper into the enigma that binds them. 
Featuring beautiful artwork, evocative music, and multiple branching storylines, "Akai Ito" offers a rich visual and narrative experience. The choices made by players will shape Kei's journey, leading to different outcomes and endings that reflect the complexities of love, sacrifice, and personal growth. 


About Aoi Shiro 

"Aoi Shiro" originally released on the PlayStation 2 in Japan, is an enchanting visual novel that transports players to the picturesque town of Kakyouin. 

As the protagonist, a young detective named Kurohime, players embark on a journey to unravel the secrets of Kakyouin. The town is known for its unique folklore and legends, including the enigmatic tale of the "Aoi Shiro" or "Blue Castle." Kurohime's investigation delves into the ancient rituals, hidden powers, and the intricate relationships that shape the destiny of Kakyouin. 

As the story unfolds, players must make choices that not only affect Kurohime's personal journey but also determine the fates of the townspeople and the ultimate truth behind the mysteries of Kakyouin. Multiple branching paths and endings add depth and replayability to the narrative, ensuring that each playthrough offers a unique experience. 



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