Publisher & Licensor: Numskull
Developer: Undercoders
SLG Partner Store pre-order start: 10 March 2022
Partner Store Pre-Order Start: Thursday, March 10th
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4
Genre: Metroidvania, Indie Action-Adventure

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Bashing greedy gaming conglomerates and scummy microtransactions has never been this fun!

Join a raccoon and a llama in their quest to save video games as we know them! SuperEpic is a Metroidvania-style action-adventure game filled with humour and satire. The gameplay is nonlinear and fast-paced, with exploration and combo-based combat being the weapon of choice against the evil RegnantCorp, trying to control minds through abusive microtransactions.

Strictly Limited Games is bringing you exclusive boxed Limited and Special Limited Editions for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. These come with a unique cover artwork, include a colourful art booklet with a game manual, and in the case of the Special Limited Editions, even more collectible items that you cannot find anywhere else!

About the game:

The year is 2084. After a series of mergers, buyouts and hostile takeovers, only one video game development company is left in the world: RegnantCorp. A huge enterprise run by greedy piggies. All the fun in video games has been replaced with intrusive addiction algorithms used to control people’s minds and behaviour. But a rebellion of game enthusiasts is fighting back, replacing RegnantCorp’s software with classic games. Following a distress signal, Tan Tan the raccoon and his valiant llama steed Ola prepare to take on RegnantCorp and confront the pigs...

The finest quality ingredients can be found in this Metroidvania! A large interconnected world to explore and unlock, a responsive customizable action-set for combat and an in-game economy-based upgrading system, with lots of weapons and abilities to unlock and enhance.


  • Classic story-driven mode with handcrafted levels and multiple endings
  • Gorgeous 16/32 bit era cartoon sprites
  • RPG like weapon and armour upgrading system, with tons of items to collect and discover
  • Extensive combo-based combat system
  • An unlockable procedural "rogue-lite mode"
  • Optional cross-media content
  • Fast-paced, non-linear exploration


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