Jet Kave Adventure

Jet Kave Adventure
Developer: 7Levels
Licensor: 7Levels
Publisher: Strictly Limited Games
SLG Pre Order Start: 12.02.2023
SLG Release Number: #83
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action, Platformer

Take on the role of Kave, a caveman, in this action platformer featuring an exotic stone age setting. Disclaimer: 7Levels and SLG make no claims of historical accuracy. While it is proven dinosaurs and cavemen did not exist at the same time, the same can’t be said for aliens.
Kave used to be chief of his tribe, but was cast out for failing to provide food. But when aliens threaten to erupt a volcano to jumpstart their crashed spaceship, destroying everything in its vicinity, he doesn't hesitate to try putting a stop to them. Sounds crazy? Oh, you sweet summer child.

To help him on his quest, he can make use of the best of two worlds, primitive stone age tools and spaced-out sci-fi gadgets. What would a caveman be without his trusty club? Exactly. Bonk away at dinosaurs, giant fireflies and other critters to your hearts content. Can’t or don’t want to get close up and personal? No worries, Kave also carries the most advanced ranged weapon technology of his time: the rock. Show those pesky fire breathing lizards who's boss. Finally, there’s the jetpack. This is what you are here for after all, isn’t it? Kave picked it up from the crashed alien spaceship, and it allows him unprecedented mobility for a caveman. Hover, fly and boost your way through varied, 2.5D environments ranging from jungles to caves, sandbanks and volcanos.

What’s even cooler, all these tools, as well as your health, can be upgraded with shells at the shaman’s shop to give you an edge over your adversaries. Now go out there and go Stone Age on their asses!

List of Features

  • Crazy mix of distant past meets distant future. You heard of Cowboys vs. Aliens? Well, we have Cavemen vs. Aliens.
  • Fast and fluid 2.5D platform gameplay 
  • Upgrade Kaves’ abilities between stages: Hover longer, take more hits, get a bigger club. It’s up to you.
  • Colorful and vibrant Stone Age graphics
  • Hidden collectibles and time trials with online leaderboards for additional replay value
  • In-game trophies! Can you get them all?
  • A caveman with a jetpack!

Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Why Jet Kave Adventure is joining the SLG catalog
Platformers have been a staple of videogames since its inception, with the basic gameplay being refined and reiterated on. Many modern entries to the genre are inspired by 2D classics, but Jet Kave Adventure takes a different approach and is more akin to a certain famous donkey (or was it monkey? No matter). And this independent studio did an outstanding job, delivering polished gameplay, beautiful graphics and soundtrack, while putting their own stamp on it and putting it all in a unique setting. We hope you enjoy this amazing piece of gameplay and its (hi)story as much as we did and look forward to 7levels' future efforts.

Pre-order & Age Rating
Please note: This is a pre-order. We expect this game to ship in Q2 2023. You will receive order updates as soon as we receive the games and start shipping.
This game has yet to be rated by the German Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body (USK). There is no age rating printed or stickered on the box.
German customers must be at least 18 years old to order and receive the shipment. This does not apply to international customers.



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