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Heaven's Vault

Heaven's Vault
Developer: Inkle Studios
Publisher: Strictly Limited Games
SLG Pre Order Start: 12 June 2022
SLG Release Number: #70
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4
Genre: Narrative Puzzle Adventure

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Decipher an ancient language and discover a forgotten past in this award-winning narrative adventure game!

Game Description

Welcome to the Nebula: a strange network of moons linked by rivers in space, where ancient robots coexist with humans. Its ancient history has long been forgotten and only fragments remain, written in “Ancient”, a lost hieroglyphic language. The search for a missing roboticist sets archaeologist Aliya Elasra and her robot sidekick Six on a trail of discoveries that will lead to the very edge of her world - and the ancient secret of Heaven's Vault. Discover lost sites in an open world, freely explore ancient ruins, decipher an entire hieroglyphic language and dive into a branching story, where every decision matters.


Heaven's Vault is not your usual linear adventure game. Progress through the game in any order you choose - the fully adaptive narrative remembers every choice you make, every discovery and every action you take, influencing what happens next. Meet a diverse cast of characters who remember everything you say, and whose attitude towards you will change with how you act. Who will you trust? What will you find? What will you risk? You will have to decide for yourself!

Moreover, an entire ancient hieroglyphic language with around 3,000 words was created specifically for the game and awaits to be deciphered! A puzzle mechanic with a unique twist: solutions are narratively significant and further the story - but the wrong translation might send you down the wrong track!  


  • Find artifacts and translate their hieroglyphic inscriptions to piece together the history of the world
  • Make tough decisions and interact with a large cast of characters who remember everything you say
  • Sail Aliya's ship, the Nightingale, through an open world of fast-flowing space rivers and lost moons
  • Freely explore a variety of locations from ruined palaces to desert moons, market towns and farming villages
  • Marvel at the unique art style, blending beautiful hand-drawn 2D art with 3D environments
  • Highly replayable – the game’s translation puzzles expand on every playthrough (18-20 hours on average), revealing new secrets and allowing for different decisions

Why Heaven’s Vault is joining the SLG catalog:

Strictly Limited Games is proud to offer inkle’s award-winning masterpiece Heaven’s Vault in carefully assembled boxed editions for collectors. Heaven’s Vault is a perfect fit for our catalog and an extraordinary addition to every collection, a truly timeless classic. Joseph Humfrey’s design approach is exquisite, the beautiful art style is exceptional and carries the rich story created by Jon Ingold. Guiding Aliya through the game is more than following a story, it is really about discovering the entire fictional world and its ancient history. The immense narrative depth culminates in Ancient, a language literally created for Heaven’s Vault, which is still being discovered, discussed and expanded by an active fan community.

These endless ways to explore the Nebula provide an immense level of replayability and will enchant not just the team here at Strictly Limited, but also gamers all around the world for many years to come. Just like Heaven’s Vault’s ancient artifacts bear witness to a long-forgotten past, our limited editions will preserve the legacy of this indie gaming milestone and turn it into a unique artifact of its own – containing even further secrets for fans to decipher!


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