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Manufacturer & Licensor: TAITO
SLG Pre-Order Start: 18 February 2022
SLG Release Number: #61

About the EGRET II mini

The Taito EGRET II was introduced in 1996 and was an instant hit. Now, the EGRET II mini, a faithfully miniaturized, high-end home console version of this legendary arcade cabinet is bringing two decades of Taito arcade history right to your living rooms!

The exclusive Western EGRET II mini – Limited Blue Edition comes with blue buttons and joystick, presenting an exclusive color scheme, limited to 5,000 units worldwide that are only sold by Strictly Limited Games and ININ Games. Small, but bigger on the inside, with tons of content and features to make the experience enjoyable for arcade veterans as well as new fans.

The EGRET II mini comes with:

  • 40 arcade classics like Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, Lunar Rescue and Darius Gaiden
  • Special in-game features like: Save states, adjustable lives and rapid-fire
  • 5-inch 4:3 rotating monitor (1024x768 resolution) for horizontal and vertical alignment and an optimal adaptation to the selected game
  • 6-button arcade layout and joystick that is individually adjustable for each game - easily switch from 8 directions to 4 directions
  • HDMI output to also play the games on TV
  • SD card slot to add even more games
  • Own integrated sound through stereo speakers
  • Two USB Type-A controller ports for the additional, optional EGRET II mini controllers (that are sold separately)

Next to the 40 pre-installed games, including such classics as Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, Lunar Rescue and Darius Gaiden, our Arcade Cabinet Blue Edition (limited to 1,800 units) and Game Center Blue Edition (limited to 1,200 units) come with the “Paddle and Trackball Controller”, which emulates these two classic control methods, and includes an SD card with 10 extra games. That makes a total of 50 games for you to enjoy!

Beyond that, our two editions come with many additional collectible items for the most passionate collectors, that you can find nowhere else!


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