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Publisher: Retro Bit
SLG Pre Order Start: 21.10.2022
Pre-Order open until: 27.11.2022
Platforms: Genesis/Mega Drive

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A Classic Series on the Rise

Each one of these releases is carefully chosen by our team. Thatfeeling of slotting in a physical cartridge and powering on theconsole is a powerful feeling for retro gamers. With a triple threat of Valis titles, we felt we could bring something special with this re-release. We have taken the extra steps to translate parts of Syd of Valis that were originally left in Japanese (such as the Game Over screen and end credits) as well as re-enabled the Music Test for Valis III. The preservation of titles like these is a cornerstone of what drives Retro-Bit Publishing. Within each game box, we pay homage to each regional release of these titles with the reversible cover art, totally redone manuals, beautiful art cards,and a sleek slipcover for those that purchase all three titles. A gorgeous piece to add to your collection all fairly priced without needing to empty out your wallet.

The Valis Collection

The epic story of Yuko Ahso from ordinary schoolgirl to the Warrior of Valis saving Earth and the Dreamland from the invading hordes from the Dark World graced the SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive over 30 years ago. Those looking to own all three titles, they can look forward to receiving an additional master slipcase to store all three titles as well as a special acrylic stand displaying Cham, Valna, and Yuko.

  • Sleek new master slipcase for those that purchase all three games
  • Includes an additional acrylic stand featuring the three heroines
  • Featuring artwork from all three titles
  • Includes each game and its contents
  • Makes for a great addition to any retro game collection

Valis: Original Release

Released in 1986 on the MSX, Mugen Senshi Valis (夢幻戦士ヴァリス) aka Valis: The Fantasm Soldier was the debut of Yuko Asou and the colorful Dreamworld in which the story takes place. In Japan, the first entry would see further ports on the Famicom (1987), the Mega Drive (1991), and PC Engine (1992) with some gameplay variations in each version. Telenet assigned their studio Wolf Team to handle the development with Hiroki Hayashi and Yukio Mitsuhashi credited as producer and lead writer/designer respectively.

The story involved Yuko finding her friend Reiko Kirishima during a rainstorm after school. After Reiko cryptically says her goodbye to Yuko, the whole city is then beset by monsters. Crying for help as a creature is about to set upon her, a sword appears within her hand thanks to Queen Valia of the Vecanti. She appears before the schoolgirl and gifts her the Sword of Valia to Yuko who becomes the Warrior of Valis - the Fantasm Soldier. She must collect pieces of the Fantasm jewel and use its magical powers to stop Dark Lord Rogles.

Valis: Collector’s Edition

Yuko Asou had just finished a long day at school when a freak storm began pouring rain - just like in her dream the night before. She then encounters her classmate Reiko who leaves behind more questions than answers. Suddenly set upon by a monster, Yuko manifests a sword in her hand (much to her surprise) and is able to defeat her foe. She tries to go home but finds the entire city beset by demons.

Armed with the Sword of Valis, Yuko must fight off the dark forces of King Rogles across 7 action-packed stages and protect the Fantasm Jewel of Queen Valia. She will need to master the mystic blade as well as magic spells to defeat each one of Rogles’ Dark Lords. Does she have it in her to save both worlds from the encroaching darkness?

  • Valna Sapphire Cartridge for SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive
  • Full-colored instruction manual redone for this release
  • Reversible cartridge inlay sleeve featuring JP and NA artwork
  • Exclusive art card featuring Yuko, Reiko, and more
  • Individually numbered certificate of authenticity

Syd of Valis: Original Release

It only took a few years for the follow up, Mugen Senshi Valis II (夢幻戦 士ヴァリスⅡ) aka Valis II, to be released in 1989 and was developed by Riot, a subsidiary of Telenet Japan. It debuted on the PC Engine-CD in Japan and was also released on the MSX and other consoles. This game follows the events after Rogles’ death at the hands of Yuko such as why she was the chosen one, the rise of Rogles’ brother, Megas, and the latest danger to befall the Dreamworld.

A remake for the Japanese Mega Drive was released in 1992 and called SD Valis - SD standing for “Super Deformed” referring to the “chibi” art style. In North America, the game was renamed to Syd of Valis (Super Yuko Deformed) and would use the cover art from The Suguroku ‘92: Nariagari Trendy. This revision of the sequel was a bit more lighthearted in its presentation plus it gave Yuko access to different outfits and weapon attacks each with its own stats. This allowed for a bit of customization on the fly to deal with the various threats throughout the game.
Syd of Valis: Collector’s Edition

Yuko was out getting ice cream after a school day when she runs into an enemy she suspects is Rogles, but it turns out to be Emperor Megas looking to take over the dreamworld of Vecanti! She must embark once more to prevent the destruction of Queen Valia’s homeworld as the true Valis Warrior.

Emperor Megas looks to stop Yuko by taking the mystic sword away from her and rendering her powerless to stop him. New items and abilities are given to her in this "chibi" adventure as well as 6 different armors to defeat the dark forces across 5 perilous stages.

  • Cham Rose Cartridge for SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive
  • Full-colored instruction manual redone for this release
  • Fully translated to English
  • Reversible cartridge inlay sleeve featuring JP and NA artwork
  • Exclusive art card featuring some of the Chibi characters
  • individually numbered certificate of authenticity

Valis III: Original Release

Mugen Senshi Valis III (夢幻戦士ヴァリス''Ⅲ) aka Valis III was developed originally by Laser Soft for the PC Engine and released in 1990. A year later, a version for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive was developed by Riot and released in 1991. This third outing is has some similarities to another third outing of a different series: Castlevania. Similar to Dracula’s Curse, the player will cycle through three playable characters - Yuko, Valna - her sister and master of magic, and Cham - a Dark World rebel warrior. This version added more story cutscenes but some levels were removed. Instead, an entirely new level was added and boss fights were also improved.

Yuko teams up with Cham and her sister Valna to take on King Glames who is moving to conquer all of the worlds. The Dark World itself is collapsing and he has marched his minions to conquer Earth and the Dreamworld to claim victory where the previous Dark Lords had failed. Each character has unique attacks and spells that you’ll need to master in order to traverse across nine challenging stages.

Valis III: Collector’s Edition

Much time has passed since Yuko saved the dreamworld of Vecanti. Her own twin sister now sits on the throne as Queen of Valia and the Dark World falls into civil war. Now, one of the most powerful lords of the Dark World has proclaimed himself as King Glames and seeks to conquer worlds to prevent the destruction of his own. Still, there are those among the Dark World who fight against him such as Cham.

Yuko will need Cham to rescue Valna and then team up to defeat King Glames and his Sword of Leethus, which is powerful enough to take on the Sword of Valis. Use each character’s abilities and magic to their fullest through 9 treacherous stages to strike at the heart of the Dark World once again!

  • Yuko Amber Cartridge for SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive
  • Full-colored instruction manual redone for this release
  • Restored the Music Test Mode previously only in the JP version
  • Reversible cartridge inlay sleeve featuring JP and NA artwork
  • Exclusive art card featuring some of the cast
  • Individually numbered certificate of authenticitytion


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