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Game of the Month (July): Spelunker HD Deluxe

Game of the Month (July): Spelunker HD Deluxe

At Strictly Limited, we take pride in curating a diverse collection of both classic and modern titles that are cherished by collectors worldwide. However, we understand that some exceptional games often fly under the radar or are tricky to access for some collectors. That's precisely why we've introduced our Game of the Month feature, aiming to shed light on these lesser-known treasures that truly deserve your time and attention. All featured games have been introduced, produced, and shipped some time ago. As of today, there are still units in stock from their initial release, spanning six months or more. As an added treat, each Game of the Month enjoys a special reduced price! Our spotlighted titles are introduced by our passionate team members who share a unique connection with the games.

This month's highlighted game is a milestone in gaming history, Spelunker HD Deluxe, developed by Tozai Games.

From today until August 14th, Collector's Editions will be available for just 44.00 €!

Spelunker HD is a classic adventure with fresh graphics and multiple game modes. Explore treacherous caves, from beautiful 3D visuals to nostalgic retro pixel graphics. Team up with friends in both online and offline multiplayer modes. Delve into the depths and uncover the mysteries hidden below. Our Calm Supporter, Julian, who is a big fan is here to talk about the game:

Q: Julian, can you tell us what drew you to Spelunker HD Deluxe?

Julian: I've always been a fan of classic platformers, and Spelunker HD Deluxe does an incredible job of capturing the spirit of the original game while adding so much more. The challenge is what really hooked me. It's punishingly difficult, but that's part of its charm. Each success feels truly earned.

Q: How does Spelunker HD Deluxe compare to the original Spelunker games for you?

Julian: It's surprisingly faithful to the original mechanics. The controls are still the classic design, and the hero is just as fragile, which I think is crucial. It keeps the core challenge intact. But what sets it apart are the new levels and obstacles. The expanded level design and additional themes like ice and volcanoes add so much variety.

Q: The game is known for its difficulty. How do you handle the tough controls and frequent deaths?

Julian: Patience is key. It took a lot of practice to get used to the controls. The save system helps a lot, even though it's a bit old-school. Saving frequently and making your own checkpoints is essential. And of course, the extra lives scattered throughout the levels are a lifesaver, literally.

Q: What do you think about the multiplayer mode in Spelunker HD Deluxe?

Julian: It's a blast! Playing with friends adds a whole new dimension to the game. Reviving each other and working together to get through tough spots is really satisfying. It's great to have both local and online multiplayer options.

Q: Any advice for new players just starting out with Spelunker HD Deluxe?

Julian: Don't get discouraged by the difficulty. It can be frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of the controls, it becomes a lot more enjoyable. Use the save system to your advantage and take your time with each level. And most importantly, have fun with it!

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