The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors

The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors
Publisher: ININ Games, TAITO
Developer: NatsumeAtari Inc., Tengo Project
Limited Edition Pre-Order: 30/06/2019
SLG Release Number: #23
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4

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The re-boot of the 90s hit game “The Ninja Warriors: Again” for Super Nintendo!

Five androids built for power and programmed to conquer. Each armed with diamond sharp steel, they turn their bodies into raging cyclones – leaping, kicking, and slashing through wave after wave of enemies. More than human, more than machine – the warriors are back!

  • Based on the arcade hit and Super NES classic “The Ninja Warriors”
  • Two player local co-op (FINALLY!!!)
  • Five playable characters – two of them being exlusive to TNS:ROTW!
  • Online ranking
  • 8 challenging stages
  • Large moveset, special attacks and tricks to master
  • Completely remade graphics with stunning pixelart
  • 16:9 widescreen support, higher resolution
  • Music by ZUNTATA, Taito’s famous “house band”, including: Ninja Warriors arcade, Ninja Warriors SNES and Ninja Saviors RotW

The game will be released as a “regular” retail release by ININ Games at a later date.
The Strictly Limited Edition will have the same price tag as the retail one (29.99€), but comes with an exclusive button set, different cover art and is – of course – strictly limited in quantity and individually numbered.

Screenshots & Trailer

The Ninja Warriors series

The Ninja Warriors is a side-scrolling action game launched by Taito in 1987. It took advantage of the wide cabinet with three displays which was really impressive back then (and still is today). The music “DADDY MULK” composed by ZUNTATA is known as one of the best game music masterpieces.

Later, in 1994, its remake The Ninja Warriors Again came to the market for Super Famicom and was highly praised by beat ’em up fans all over the world.
2019 – after 25 years – the main developers of that time decided to do a remake of their own game and you will definitely love what “TENGO PROJECT” have created.

Ninja action awaits!

Why Strictly Limited loves this game

With its large moveset and great, fun gameplay, The Ninja Warriors always had a special place on our list of awesome Beat ‘Em Up / Brawler games.
NatsumeAtari (the same team that brought us Wild Guns) and Tengo Project have taken the Ninja Warriors-Experience to the next level – this is not simply a port of one of the best Japanese side-scrolling beat-em-up games on Super NES, this is a whole new experience!

They significantly enhanced the game by adding two new playable characters (which are so much fun to play!), new graphics, higher resolution, two player local co-op and much more!

We are enjoying every minute and those new playable characters  are truly special.

We feel so proud and honored to team up with Taito and the original devs – this is virtually our gamer’s dreams coming true.

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