Steel Empire Chronicles

Steel Empire Chronicles
Developer: mebius
Licensor: mebius, Starfish SD
Publisher: Strictly Limited Games
SLG Pre Order Start: 09.04.2023 
SLG Release Number: #85
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
Genre: Shoot ‘em Up

Steel Empire is back! Containing different iterations from the past plus a modern remake of Steel Empire, this Shoot 'em up series will be an excellent addition to your games library! Swing into your cockpit and fight the Motorhead Empire in this unique series!

As a special treat, Steel Empire Chronicles also contains the game Over Horizon. Over Horizon is said to be one of the best Shoot 'em up games for NES. But evaluate yourself... if you can beat the game!


Steel Empire (Remake)

Experience the full glory of Steel Empire in this newest remake and fight against the Motorhead Empire in HD for the first time! Shoot your way through seven fully remade stages, train your skills and beat the Motorhead Empire!  

Steel Empire (GB Advance)

The motors are running again to fight the Motorhead Empire in this version of Steel Empire for Game Boy Advance, a 2005 reimagining of the original Genesis / Mega Drive version. Dive into the remade steampunk world and play through all stages of the original once again!

Steel Empire (Genesis / Mega Drive)

The original version of Steel Empire, released for Genesis / Mega Drive in 1992. Notable for its steampunk influences, it set itself apart from other games of the genre even back in the days. Pick between two airships and make off on your journey to overthrow the Motorhead Empire!

Over Horizon (NES)

Released in 1991 for the NES, this Shoot ‘em up was created by the same developers as Steel Empire.  Experience a hidden gem of gaming history that was originally only released in Japan and Germany and enjoy the atmospheric and colorful presentation!  


  • Rewind feature
  • Quicksave and –load
  • Graphic filters/shaders
  • Technical optimizations
  • Flickering reduction
  • Text optimization
  • Steel Empire (Remake)
    The newest HD version of the Shoot ‘em up, which has a leveling system. The more items you collect the stronger you get, but also the opponents will get more resilient, and the hordes will get bigger.     
  • Steel Empire (GB Advance version) 
    The GBA version of the Shoot ‘em up classic, finally now on a big screen! 
  • Steel Empire (Genesis / Mega Drive version) 
    Witness the beginning of this historical milestone of the gaming industry.  
  • Over Horizon (NES version)  
    Customize your weapon system and fight against aliens in this rare Shoot 'em up classic.

Steel Empire Features

  • Choose the ZEP-01 with high durability and more firepower, but less speed and agility. 
  • Choose the eagle-like Striker. Small, fast, agile, maneuverable but less fire power. 
    Which one will you choose? 
  • RPG-like leveling system: the more powerups you collect, the more your level will increase, up to LV20, with each level granting you more firepower and more armor.     

Over Horizon Features

  • Collect pods to use as shields and to ramp up your firepower.  
  • Modify your weapons and try them before going to battle in the “test mode”.

Why Steel Empire Chronicles is joining the SLG catalog 

Steel Empire is an outstanding example of how a story can be told in Shoot 'em ups. One of the main developers involved in the original game even compared it to a movie, adding a whole new approach to the genre. 
As the game evolves, so does the story – and its difficulty. It gives room to any player’s preferences and skill set, no matter if they prefer tank-style slower speed with higher damage or more agile fast-paced action with higher frequencies, no matter if they’re arcade-experienced pro-gamers or looking for some casual entertainment. The more power-ups you collect, the stronger and resilient your ship will get. That means if you’re stuck on one stage you can play it several times and get stronger until you can clear it. 

Besides the fact the collection not only includes the original game published on SEGA Mega Drive, but also the remaster for Game Boy Advance and the HD remake for modern platforms, we’re especially happy another game is included, which is considered the spiritual precursor. Over Horizon is an incredible example of an 8-bit SHMUP, featured in a lot of ‘top 10’ lists and for some even considered as one of the best games in this genre of its time. It’s highly remarkable this outstanding Shooter has never been released outside of Japan or Europe before.  

Strictly Limited Games is thrilled to exclusively offer the Steel Empire Chronicles, offering three awesome versions of the genre-building Steel Empire game together with the incredibly rare gem Over Horizon.




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