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Publisher: Mediascape Co., Ltd.
Developer: PlatineDispositif
Physical Preorder: 28/10/2018
SLG Release Number: #11
Platforms: PS4, PS Vita

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GUNDEMONIUMS is based on the side-scrolling shoot-em-up “GUNDEMONIUM” (2003) released by PlatineDispositif and its remake version “GUNDEMONIUM Re:Collection” (2007). GUNDEMONIUMS is a rebuilt version with a lot of improvements and new features!

  • Rebuilt and improved version of the bullet-hell classic!
  • New player character
  • New game system
  • New enemy
  • and other improvements

Why Strictly Limited loves this game

We love shmups, we love bullet-hell action and we love the Cotton-series so it should not really surprise anyone that we love Gundemoniums. Even so we mostly suck at danmaku-style games we enjoy playing Gundemoniums over and over again as its difficulty level is very well balanced and the background graphics are beautiful to look at.

Screenshots & Trailer

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