Clockwork Aquario

Clockwork Aquario
Publisher: Strictly Limited Games
Developer: Westone/Sega
SLG Physical Edition Pre Order Date: 29.11.2020
SLG Release Number: #43
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4

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The lost myth finally for modern console after almost 30 years!

Clockwork Aquario:

Clockwork Aquario was the last arcade game ever developed by the legendary Westone Bit Entertainment in 1992, but was never finished. The game was thought to be lost in time, but Strictly Limited Games set out on the mission to dig deep into video game archeology and save Clockwork Aquario from being lost in time.

Beautiful pixel art and vibrant colors with three unique characters: Huck Londo, the daring ghost hunter, Elle Moon, the brave adventuress and Gush, the warmhearted giant robot.


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