Publisher: AMATA K.K.

Developer: AMATA K.K.

SLG Physical Edition Pre Order Date: 29.11.2020

SLG Release Number: #42

Platforms: PS4 (VR)


Escape a merciless mansion alongside a girl words cannot reach!

Last Labyrinth:

You are vulnerable and tied up. With your arms and hands bound and immobilised in a wheelchair, you are at the mercy and reliance of Katia, a mysterious girl. She is your only way to escape from the mansion in an intensive and inventive series of escape room puzzles. The ever increasing complexity of riddles, and their diversity, must be solved in order to escape.


  •  Experience a unique relationship with Katia, a girl who speaks a language you cannot understand (voiced by Stefanie Joosten, Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain) with music by Hiroki Kikuta (SECRET OF MANASOULCALIBUR V)
  • Over 10 hours of escape-adventure puzzle-solving and multiple endings. Work together with Katia in a unique, one-of-a-kind experience in VR
  • Created by a team of veteran Japanese developers whose previous works include classic titles such as ICOThe Last GuardianShadow of the ColossusPuppeteer and the Doko Demo Issyo series (Toro, the Sony Cat)